Eco Farm Pro Vision

ECO FARM has been developed with expert R&D engineers in order to provide quality and healthy products by transferring knowledge and technology to the developing world agriculture. Our company operates in the field of Organic Fertilizer, which is indispensable for soils and plants. Since its establishment, it has acted with a farmer-oriented and productivity-based management approach and sense of responsibility.

Our goal is to help the world maintain its productivity by producing Organic solutions for the soil whose fertility declines in response to an increasing world population.

Our policy

  • To develop products specific to the needs of the plant and bring them together with our plants by making continuous improvement and development towards customer expectations and satisfaction.
  • Our organic fertilizer; We produce in our production facilities, which include human and environment-friendly production systems, aimed at regaining the natural balance that has been lost as a result of faulty and incorrect practices in the ecological system.

We are developers

  • In these challenging times, it is imperative that we take action to build a more resilient agriculture industry. As producers have to increase food production and also deal with the effects of climate change, they are demanding new ways to solve their problems.
  • Our company is committed to increasing agricultural productivity in a sustainable way. We brought manufacturers together with the product they needed. We listen and develop.
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